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8 hours in a tin can

So I don’t know about you but I hate flying! Then add in two small children and my anxiety flies off the charts. We just recently booked a trip to Hawaii to see my husbands side of the family and though this should be super exciting, I am really just stressed about traveling with little ones. My previous experience of flying with two tiny heathens was horrific; Jadyn was tiny and screamed the majority of the flight and Briden was good just very busy. It was so bad my husband and I vowed we would NEVER take them on a plane again until they were at least ten. Well here we are only at three and five giving it a good try again.

We leave in 6 days (we do everything short notice) this is really not leaving me a lot of time to plan, we will be gone for two weeks. I have packed carry on bags for both children in an effort to keep them happy on an eight hour flight. Yeah right, I am really just hoping they will not scream the whole time and it will be a better trip than the last time. (Fingers Crossed) With a few more years under my belt of being mommy and entertaining so I figured I would share with you what I have packed to fly with children.

Picking the right bag

Kids Carry on

I have picked these two bags for their carry on because I know they can pull them by themselves, they fit all the necessities I need for them and they will fit underneath the seats for easier access. I will be carrying a back pack for my carry on incase Jadyn decides she will not pull it any longer (she is a little diva).

Kids carry on

Here it is all the glorious contents of their carry on bags; anything they may need or want on the long flight to Hawaii. I picked items I knew would entertain my children for long periods of time because god knows every minute of quite on a plane is cherished.

Kids Carry On Kids Carry on

Both children have very similar items in their bags. Ever had one child melt down because she wants brothers toy or vice versa? (Hand raised) I have more times than I can count, it really is just easier to have two of everything. The plane was so booked we may not all get to sit together or close to each other, that means dad will take one and I will take the other. Divide and conquer. Having similar items in each bag eliminates the need to walk up the isle to get a snacks out of the other bag. While putting this bag together I was thinking about convenience and good toys for a small space.

What to Pack for Young Children

*Books – They both have 3 books in their bag. Recently they really like being read to, as well as, “reading” to us.

*Notebook – Scribbling, practicing their names or drawing is something both kids enjoy

*Coloring book and Crayons – Both have 3 coloring books so we can color for family while we fly and burn some time. Mom may join in too.

*Counting puzzle pieces 1-15 for my kids – These are awesome two piece puzzles. One side has the number 5 and the other has 5 images to match. Great for learning and playing.

*Bingo – While the kids are close this will be a fun game to play, it has four bingo boards and cards have pictures as well as the word on the back. We will be working on word recognition while we fly.

*Small 3D pop up sticker scene – What kids don’t love stickers

*Power Ranger action figure – Briden and Jadyn LOVE Power Rangers right now. I took them to the Dollar store to pick out two toys for the trip.

*Small pony – This was Jadyn’s second toy

*Car – Briden’s second toy

*Cozy Phones head phones – If you have not seen or heard of these you must go check them out! I am in love with them. They are great head phones for children; they are so cute, comfortable and stay on. I cannot tell you how amazing these are. (Pictures over on my Instagram)

*Tablets – Yep, I am that mom. I downloaded games and movies for both. I got the DIRECTV App and was able to download their movies onto the tablet so even without internet they will be able to watch their favorites.

*Universal Power Bank – With how long the flight is I bought these incase we have a tablet die in the middle of a movie or game. I don’t want that scream fest. Planning ahead will save me a few head aches

*Snacks – Peanut Butter cookies, Cheese and Crackers, Graham Crackers, Cheese It’s, Gold Fish. My children are bottom less pits and plane food does not come often enough. Snacks during layovers can save money too which is always nice

*Water Bottle – Again drinks do not come often enough to keep the kids happy. We will fill it once we get through security and they can have it the entire journey

*Pillow and Blankets – Sleep, please sleep. Blankets are nice to have too because the plane is cold.

Debit card and ID – Momma will be having a cranberry vodka stat. A flying must for this mom.

Kids Carry on kids carry on

Kids Carry on Kids carry on

put their pillows on top and you are ready to fly with your little one

Helpful tips

I bought most of this stuff at the dollar store. Having new and interesting toys will hopefully keep them entertained for a longer period of time. They also had individually packed snacks which was perfect for the kids.

I will be taking the tablets away 4 days before we travel to ensure they are not bored with them. Also, they cannot play with their new toys until we are on the plane.

Off we go

After our trip I will be doing an update on how the flight went. I am pretty optimistic at this point but it only takes the wrong shoes on a kid to throw off a day. Well here we go.

If you fly often with kids what are your go to items?

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