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 Practice makes perfect

Hey all, it is Friday which means it is time for me to check in with all you lovely people. I am going to make sure that every Friday I am giving you an update on my progress. What I ate for the week, workouts I completed and how well the week went.

This week

Was defiantly not the best I have ever had as far as fitness and healthy eating goes. We had to head out of town to get some paper work done for our home; we ended up staying Monday night with some friends and I may have had a couple beers and an enchilada. Oops, it was delicious though! Tuesday was better but not great we had to grab fast food; however, I did get the best thing on the menu which was grilled chicken sandwich, twice in one day. We got snowed in and had to stay another night in Twin Falls but we got to swim and play as a family which is always great. It was a long 4 hour drive through the snow going 30 – 40 on the freeway and we grabbed some pizza on the way out for everyone. So eating healthy was not the best the first part of the week but life happens and I enjoyed the three days away.


I did complete my workout for Wednesday which was PIYO Buns 30 minutes of ass burning workouts that always leave my legs feeling like Jell-O! Seriously this is an intense workout and is always one that leaves me feeling accomplished. And who doesn’t want a nice booty!


 Was spot on, I ate two eggs and an English muffin for breakfast, a protein shake after my workout, chef salad for lunch and chicken, veggies and Potatoes for dinner.

PIYO Sweat was the workout for the day, 35 minutes of fast-pace cardio yoga and body weight resistance. The name gives it away, it always leaves me a sweaty mess.


I have eaten an omelet, protein shake after my workout, chicken fajita and brown rice bowl, pork chops and veggies

Todays workout is PIYO core! I love working my core and this is not just a workout on the floor doing 100 crunches. It is burning calories and creating a stronger core. Honestly, I like some of the moves more than others, some I cannot seem to feel the burn where it is suppose to be. Something I need to work on but practice makes perfect!


I do use the Beachbody Programs as I use to be a Beachbody coach, I am not now. I am not trying to sell you anything, these are just the programs I like and have personally seen results from. My personal preference does not work for everyone. Find what works for you and stick to it!

I am finishing my PIYO workout program Saturday and will be moving onto a 21 Day Fix/PIYO Hybrid on Monday. I have never tried a Hybrid before but am excited to start. PIYO is a great starter program, no weights, no high impact and great results. The reason I bought this program was to complete it with my mom who struggles with extreme back problems. She never complained of back pain and saw great results as well.

21 Day Fix was the first Beachbody program I ever tried; I LOVE the results of this program! I will be completing the full program after my Hybrid.

Before Pictures

Thursday I took the dreaded before pictures. . . I am no where near where I want to be; however, I love my body and am ready to kick ass. I am hoping to reach my goal by April for our trip to Monaco! I did take my measurements since I will not be basing my success solely off the scale. This is more than being skinny for me, I want to be healthy and strong.

Chest – 37 1/2″

Waist – 35 1/2″

Hips – 41 3/4

Right Thigh – 24 3/4″

Left Thigh – 24 3/4″

Right Arm – 13″

Left Arm – 12 3/4″

Height – 5’5″

Weight – 165

See yall next week

This week could have been better for sure but I will not give up on my goals over three days. I will be better next week! Can’t wait to fill you in on my first week of PYIO/21 Day Fix Hybrid; it is going to be awesome! Have a great weekend!

Weekly update

Are you just starting your fitness journey? Do you prefer at home work outs or killing it in the gym?

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