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Exciting news today

It has been awhile since we paid off our land and when I checked our mail today, a pretty letter from the clerk was waiting for us! We officially own the land with deed in hand! Can we just take a second to recognize how huge this is. Ok so now that I am done running in circles, clapping my hands like a small child, I call tell you about the process we are beginning.

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So when we first decided to buy our land, we truly wanted to build our home from the ground up. The thought of being on the project as much as possible and building our home with our own hands was exciting. I wanted to be able to pick the floor plan, carpet color, cabinets, everything that comes with customizing a home. My husband saw dollar signs and I saw our dream home. Then reality hit, 2017 started getting busier and busier and we realized we really just don’t have to time to build from the ground up.


 We began to do our research on modular homes, the cost, resell value and build time. This was a hard sell for me at first for many  reason; however, after visiting different locations and seeing the possibilities I was ready. We visited West Wind Homes and I quickly fell in love with one of the lot models they had. After a lot of talking between Justin and I, we decided it just was not going to work with the number of bedrooms. We requested for them to send us floorplans with 4 bedrooms in our price range and again we were impressed with the options that were available. We ended up picking our forever home in December.

If you find the right business they do not resemble a trailer at all and are very well built. We insisted on having 2×6 walls not 2×4 walls, my husband wanted vaulted ceilings, also we wanted the upgraded carpets, as well as, cabinets but every place we visited or called for prices wanted to nickel and dime us for the littlest things. We fell in love with a home at West Wind Homes because of the quality of the home. Everything they offered was already “upgraded” at the base price; what everyone else was asking before any upgrades. So happy with our experience with them up to this point.

Modular vs Manufactured

Modular homes have a much better resell value than manufactured homes; a big reason we went with modular. A manufactured is considered movable since it is not permanently fixed to the foundation, this along with the fact that they are compared to other manufactured homes (usually older) is why the resell value is less. Modular homes are on a foundation and can be compared to a stick built home of equal size and age, making it easier to sell and get a loan for.

From what we have been told by our lender, even though a manufactured may cost less than a modular, through the years you will pay more in interest on the manufactured than the modular. This means even if you are saving 20,000 up front it will cost you over the years. You will pay the same amount as a modular and get a much lower resell value.

Whatever road you choose, just make sure you do all your research between build time, resell value, build cost and quality. These are just a few things we have learned up to this point but it may be different in every state, this is what we have found out for Idaho.

Next steps

Today is an exciting day because we get to choose all the details for our home. White cabinets with a grey island in the kitchen, dark grey carpet in the living rooms and bedrooms and everything else on my wish list. It is all becoming so real, everything is coming together and only a few months until we have a house on our land.

 Building our home Building our home Building our home Building our home

Of course we have so much work to do before we can have it delivered. We will be doing the foundation, septic and well on our own to save on cost. Since we live in Idaho, with tons of snow it will be April before we can dig for the foundation and septic. We are really blessed to have family who knows what they are doing, to help us through this process.

We also got a phone call on the way home today to check the minimum snow load capacity for the roof in our town, which is 60 pounds. The house only came with a 30 pound capacity and to up it to the 60 required by our town was around $3,190. So this is something you will want to look into before your final number is wrote up.

Staying updated

I will be keeping you updated on our house process throughout, the good, the bad and the ugly. Hopefully all will go smooth as we build our dreams but that’s not always the case in life now is it. Buying and building is a huge decision in life, so sharing our experience may help you make an educated decision for yourself. You will at least get to watch our shenanigans along the way!

Have you been through this process of building? What are some tips for us?


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