kitchen cleaning tips

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

How to clean your dirty glass stove top

Alright I hate glass stove tops. . . Hate them with a passion. They never look clean, water spills over your pot and it leaves the ugly burned on spot that never comes off. Growing up my step mom had a glass stove top and it made the kitchen look so dirty, which is probably why I don’t like them now. I will definitely be putting in a gas stove in our home! They are so much easier to clean. But in the mean times the stove that is in our temporary rental while we build, is one I had no idea how to clean. So I did a lot of research on the best way to clean them and found the golden ticket. Here is how to clean a glass stove top.

Kitchen cleaning tips Kitchen cleaning tips

What you will need

kitchen cleaning tips

*Dawn Dish Soap

*Baking Soda

*Hydrogen peroxide


How to clean your stove

*Apply dish soap onto stove top

*Sprinkle on baking soda

*Add a few drops of Hydrogen peroxide

*Mix with fingers to create a paste like mixture

*Leave on for around 2-5 minutes

Kitchen cleaning tips Kitchen cleaning tips Kitchen cleaning tips

*Use Sponge and scrub in small circular motions – do not use something super abrasive

*Wipe away cleaner

*Rinse with wet washcloth

*Wipe down with microfiber cloth for no streaks

Kitchen cleaning tips Kitchen cleaning tips

Bam Clean Stove Top

I used a sponge that was slightly to abrasive and it did leave a small scratch on my stove but using something less abrasive you would not have this issue.

How to clean a messy Microwave

Anyone else have a problem keeping their microwave clean? Between children and a husband that never cover their food it always looks like a food bomb went off in there. It never fails after I get done cleaning it someone throws in left over spaghetti or tacos and it splatters all over my beautifully cleaned microwave. Then it goes awhile without being cleaned and really gets baked on. Oops. I have really tried to steer away from harsh chemicals when cleaning, my poor hands couldn’t handle much more bleach. So here is an all natural way to clean your microwave and remove all the stuck on gunk.

Kitchen cleaning tips

What you will need

Kitchen cleaning tips

*Microwave safe container


*1 Lemon

*5 TBS White Vinegar


How to

*Fill container with water

*Cut 1 Lemon into small pieces

*Place lemons and white vinegar in water

Kitchen cleaning tips Kitchen cleaning tips

*Put it in the microwave and cook for 5-10 minutes – 10 for really stuck on food

*Once done let sit for 3 minutes

*Open up and wipe down with sponge

*Dry with a cloth

Kitchen cleaning tips Kitchen cleaning tips

It makes your house smell like lemons and disinfects your microwave all in one. I love not having to use a harsh cleaner and scrubbing every side to get it clean; it just wipes off with ease.

Cleaning hardwood floors

Ever since our move I have struggled with our floors, they are all hardwood. I miss my carpet and couldn’t figure out how to get my floors to stop streaking. I bought a Swiffer when we first moved in but it left the floors looking dull and streaky. They never looked clean even right after mopping them until today! If you haven’t noticed from this post I am going all natural with my cleaning supplies! Who knew you could use vinegar for so many things. I am in floor heaven this left my floors looking shiny and clean and they felt amazing.

Kitchen cleaning tips

What you will need

Kitchen cleaing tips

*1 Cup of Vinegar

*2 TBS of Baking Soda

*Dawn Dish Soap

*Half a sink of Hot Water

How to

*Fill half of sink with Hot water

*Add 1 cup of vinegar and baking soda

*Squeeze a small amount of dish soap into sink

*Mix together

*Mop floors

Kitchen cleaning tips

I cannot tell you how amazed I am at how well this works! My floors look and feel amazing, no sticky residue, no film on them and no streaks. I am slightly a clean freak and having dirty floors has about killed me but not anymore. If you are a clean freak like me I hope these will help you keep your kitchen clean.

These are great ways to clean your kitchen without harsh chemicals
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