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Why we chose Country Living

Country living

Big Move

Just recently, at the end of October, we decided to pack up our home, kids, animals and move three hours away from where we had just bought our first house. We thought we had bought our dream home in a little subdivision just outside of town. We knew eventually we wanted to move out of town and have some land for our kids to run and play on, but we had no idea it would happen only a year later. This was a scary decision and was planned to happen over the next six months. Somehow a month later we had renters and everything was packed and ready to move to the country. So far it has been the best two months of our lives. We are currently renting a beautiful place on five acres while winter is here until we can build our forever home next Spring.

The reasons we moved

*For our children

to play in the dirt, to ride four wheelers and dirt bikes, to learn to hunt and fish, to live their life outside. Not only are there so many activities for the children to do in the country but they are also able to learn life skills. Raising animals and being responsible for some thing other than yourself is something we desired our kids to learn. They will learn how to garden, gather chicken eggs and care for all animals. Most importantly they will remember their childhood as playing and learning new things.

   Country living Country Living

*To self sustain our family.

Having a small farm has been a dream of mine for quite some time. My hopes are to raise enough meat for our family to live off. I want to know what goes into the meat I am feeding my family. Eating organic from the grocery store costs an arm and a leg, so why not grow your own and be proud of the work you put in to feed your family. Also I hope to have a small garden to provide the fruits and veggies we most enjoy. I am going to need a lot of help in the area though because I have killed every plant I have ever owned.

*To get away from the hustle and bustle and live a simpler life.

For us city living seemed to mean we were always consumed with what was going on around us. Life was flying by at such a fast pace we had little, to no time to really enjoy life. There was always something we had to do or somewhere we had to be. Being in the middle of no where allows up to feel less about stressed things we have to do. Life is truly at a much slower speed and that is exactly what we needed to live a happy life.

Country Living

*Justin and I have always dreamed of building a home together

Having the ability to create your dream home from scratch is something I think every woman wants to do in her life. We are just starting the process of picking out all the things that will go into our home and it is such an exciting time for us.


we chose to live in the country to look at the beautiful world we live in; a view not over run with buildings, shopping malls and subdivisions. Nature is a beautiful thing if you pay attention to the details. This was something I never realized as a child but now as a grown woman raising a family I see all the beauty that surrounds us. The kids get to watch the deer in our yard and laugh with excitement and joy. We regularly take a drive to look at the  blank canvas that will become our home. I cannot wait to sit on my front porch and enjoy my view everyday.

Country Living

This was right for us

For us I know 100% this has been the right move for our family. The kids are growing with leaps and bounds and enjoying the freedom of running and playing in the country. My husband has found peace in his job despite working 13 hours a day and is free of stress from peoples expectations. As for me, I have never been happier, I have found the courage to start this blog and feel the rekindled fire in my heart to do what I love.

I will be updating everyone on the progress of building our home and creating my little farm.


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