Little girl hairstyles

Criss-Cross Pigtails

Fun way to change pigtails

Pigtails are a classic but changing it up can be a fun way to dress up an outfit. These criss cross pigtails (I know super clever name) are ones I have done on miss Jadyn since she had enough hair to comb. Which seemed like it took forever; she was my bald baby. I always do hair at night time when she gets out of the bath; I’m the lazy mama that doesn’t want to wake up early to do hair. Just tame the few frizzies in the morning with some hair spray and you ready to head out the door.

Little girl hairstles Little girl hairstyles


*Make a part down the center of head to nape of neck

*Divide front section into two equal parts and secure with elastics

Little Girl hairstles

*Create two more sections just behind the first two

*Take left front ponytail and take it diagonal to the back right ponytail

*Secure with elastic and repeat for left side

Little girl hairstlyes

*Make two more sections behind the second row and secure

*Again take the left ponytail and take it to the right side and secure

*Repeat for right side

Little girl hairLittle girl hairstyle

*You can stay at this point and pull the rest up in the morning or continue and hope it stays in well enough (I choose the later. I really hate mornings)

*Pull remainder of hair from back of head to create to pigtails or buns

*Hair Spray

*Pray they sleep like an angel not an angry bear

Little Girl Hairstyles Little girl hairstles

Tie some colored ribbon or add some bows to add a little more to this hair style. This is one of my favs and can be worn two day if you take the pigtails out and create a messy bun on top of the head. I’m all about making life easy for you mama!

Let me know if you have any questions about this style or let me know your go to hairstyle for your munchkin.

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