Little girl hair styles

Little Girl Hairstyles

Easy Little Girl Hairstyle

This is one of my favorites hair styles and we get lots of compliments on it. It is easy to accomplish and can be more dressed up with some curls or a bun and a bow. I actually did her hair this way for her Spider Girl Halloween Costume two years ago.

Little girl hair stylesCute little girl hair

Step by step with pictures

Little girl hair styles

Divide hair into two equal sections and place two elastics to secure.

Little girl hair styles

Take a section between the two front pieces (from center of both elastics)

split the pony tails in half and add to section you just grabbed, secure with elastic

Make two more sections on the side of head (One on each side)

take remaining half of pony tails and secure into side sections

You will have three elastics in the second row

Little girl hair styles

(my hair model went to sleep on me)

continue creating equal sections and splitting pony tails to create the third row

you will have 4 sections

I love this hair style because I can do it at night before bed and it looks perfect in the morning! Anything to save me some times in the mornings!

Let me know if you try this and share if you added some cute accessories.

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