Chores for your children?

Chores for your children?

For our household the kids do have some chores or responsibilities to help keep our home clean. I think this is one of the biggest changes in parenting since I was a child. I grew up with chores and learned important life skills. Having your child help you with things around the house can be fun for them.  My kids actually really enjoy helping mom around the house, they are 5 and 3. I’m not talking about mopping the floor everyday, doing their own laundry but helping with small tasks until they can do the bigger tasks is a great way to get them ready for real life.

What the kids are responsible for cleaning

1. They clean their own room everyday

*Picking up all toys and putting them in correct toy boxes

*Putting away clothes such as socks, underwear, Pj’s (My daughter changes clothes like ten times a day!)

*Taking out any trash they may have accumulated over the day

2. They help with laundry

*They help sort laundry (can be a fun game of colors or sizes)

*Changing the laundry for washer to dryer

*Pushing the power and start button (always a battle of who gets to push it this time)

*Sometimes my 5 year old will fold his own clothes he absolutely loves it (mom not so much)

*Briden also hangs his own shirts

3. They help in the kitchen

*Responsible for cleaning up eating space and clearing plate

*If they spill it they wipe it up

*Rinsing dishes

 Their daddy just recently started letting them help with dishes. He washes and they rinse them off and place on the towel

4. Bathroom responsibilities

*Placing clothes in laundry basket

*Cleaning up water that escapes the bath

5. Around the house

*Picking up toys that made their way out of their room

*Folding and putting away blankets used

*washing crayon or highlighter off wall

These are not every day things

Not all that I have listed are things they have to do everyday. Laundry is something I let them offer to help with, as well as the dishes.

Doing household work can be slower when doing it with your child but it is so worth it in the long run! As they grow it becomes easier to get them to keep things clean and teaches them how to run a household when they get older. Briden and Jadyn love helping mommy and doing a new activity.

Crossing my fingers they never outgrow the fact that chores are fun!

Do you kids have chores or responsibilities around the house? When do you feel it is appropriate to incorporate responsibilities?

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