Emergency Survival Bags

Emergency 48 hour survival bags

Ok so if you have been to my blog before or read my about me, then you know I am an overthinking, control freak. Whoops. Here I have put together a 48 hours survival bag for our family. I will leave this bag inside the truck to make sure we will have it in most situations. We travel a LOT as a family weather it be for camping, fishing, hunting, long road trips to see family or just a nice day drive we always seem to be on the go. With my anxiety I made these bags to ease the feeling of helplessness in case of an emergency. My husband thinks I’m only slightly crazy.

But seriously guys these bags are awesome! It does take some time to get everything together; I have bought my stuff from a couple different places, Amazon is my favorite, Walmart and a few things at Sportsman’s.  Along with these bags I do pack and leave a bag of clothes in the truck as well; you will have to change out clothes for the changing seasons. I will make a post to show you what is in that bag as well and will add the like below.

In the event of a major disaster we do have other things in place to keep our family safe. I may dive deeper into that later. For now this is what I have packed for my family of four.

Survival Bag

Inside our packs

So to start I bought us a couple packs and some back packs for the kids. I have since gotten rid of the kids backpacks as they were to small to be able to carry their own. Jadyn and I share a pack while Briden and Justin share their pack. Going through all of this again today I feel Briden is old enough to carry some of his own things and may buy a small back pack for him to free up space in Justin’s bag.

Survival Bag

I purchased these packs off Amazon. They have tons of space, deep side pockets, small pocket on top and I personally really like the cinch top with the additional cover and clips. They are only $37.88 I have added the link below


For the Kids

I started with Hygiene and some medicines

They each have




*Hand sanitizer

*Chap stick

I will be adding a wash cloth as well as toothbrush and tooth paste for both

Survival Bag Survival Bag

Next was a couple survival items

Both kids have

*Flash light

*Glow Stick

*2 Ponchos

*1 Emergency Blanket

*Fire starter – Incase something happened to ours

*2 packs of Hand warmers

Once they have their own bags I will also pack them a tube tent – incase they get separated from us

Survival Bag Survival Bag

Then a couple food items

Briden and Jadyn have

*2 Top Ramen Noodles

*1 Can Tuna

*1 Package of Jello

*3 Dinosaur oatmeal (the kids favorite)

*2 flavor water packets

*6 Granola Bars

Survival Bags Survival Bag

For Justin and I

In my pack

*Sawyer Mini Water Filter $19.97 – will attach link below picture

*6 Fire Starters

*1 Flash Light – $1 Dollar at Walmart (Best little flashlight!)

*Knife Sharpener


*Pink Ribbon

Survival Bag


All my Hygiene

*Tampons – can be used for first aid as well

*Bar of soap




*Shampoo and Conditioner



*Comb, bobby pins, hair clips

*Razor – can be used for other things

*Hand Sanitizer

Survival Bag

Survival Items

These Items are In Both Justin and I’s pack

*3 Packs of Hand Warmers

*2 two packs of Ponchos

*1 Emergency Blanket

*Toilet paper

*Game Bag

*Tube Tent $3.03

Survival Bag Survival Bag Survival Bag


These are all in Justin’s Pack as well

*First Aid Kit $11.69

*Notebook and pen

*Two lighters

*AAA batteries


Survival BagSurvival Bag



*Can of Tuna

*Can of Chili

*Soup Just add water

*4 Top Ramen noodles

*3 Fruit snacks

*6 Granola Bars

*2 Oatmeal Packets

*1 Hot Chocolate

Survival Bag

Justin’s pack

His Hygiene


*Hand Sanitizer


*2 Kleenex


*Shampoo and Conditioner

*Tooth Paste

*Mouth Wash


Survival Bag


*Orange Ribbon

*Stove in a can Fuel Cell

*5 Fire Starts


*Small First Aid Kit

*Bit and Sting Kit $16.81

Survival Bag


*Peanut Butter

*2 can of Chili

*Can of Chili

*3 Fruit snacks

*1 Hot Chocholate

*2 Oatmeal

*6 Granola Bars

Survival Bag

 This is always a work in progress

I will be getting Briden his own Backpack to free up some space in Justin’s pack. I will add a little more food and maybe some other small items. Remember this is only suppose to get you through 48 hours; we do have a plan for major disasters. Almost all the things in our pack will be used as a family. As the kids get older I will be adding more items to sustain our family as it grows. You will need to remember to rotate out food.

I will be adding

*One outfit and a pair of Jammies for the kids

*Another Water system

*Additional Food

*Hunting Knives

*A folding camp pan set

If you have your own Survival Bag let me know what your must have items are.


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